Auto Moving Services

When you’re moving your household, you’re focused on getting your furniture, clothing, household items, pets, and family from your old to your new place. Your vehicles can get forgotten in the mix, and it can be a major headache to get them from here to there at the last minute. Moving your car can be a really big problem if you’re moving over long distances, or if you have more than one vehicle.

Why You Need Auto Moving from Reputable Movers

When you have to move a vehicle yourself, your options are either find an extra person to drive it or tow it behind your moving truck. Both of these options have serious risks, including:


Driving a big truck while towing another vehicle behind it is not something most people know how to do, so you risk causing an accident if you tow your car yourself when you move.


Using a cheap auto moving method like towing it behind a moving truck leaves the vehicle open to weather, debris, and other vehicles on the road.


If you’re renting your towing equipment, that adds costs. You’re also liable for any damage incurred during the move, which can cost more money in the end.

With a reputable moving company like Matthew’s Nationwide Moving, auto moving can be simple and easy. The movers assume all the risk for transporting your vehicle, and you know your car will arrive safe and sound. Though professional auto moving services can add to your budget, it may be cheaper than renting some kind of vehicle transport. Car moving services definitely save you a lot of hassle, too.

High Quality Auto Transport Services

When using professional movers, you have lots of options for auto transport services. Professional towing works for certain vehicles like boats or campers, but the pros have many different ways of transporting your vehicles. Open auto transport options include using a two or four wheeled trailer towed behind another vehicle. A two wheeled trailer leaves the back tires on the road, which can wear them down, and an open trailer still exposes the vehicle to the elements. Professional movers offer enclosed auto transport for classic cars or luxury vehicles, and smaller vehicles like motorcycles can be loaded onto trucks along with furniture. Your trusted moving company will be glad to quote you on the car moving services they offer.

Your Trusted Moving Company for Vehicle Transportation

With professional licensing, comprehensive insurance, and decades of experience in the industry, Matthew’s Nationwide Moving is the solution for your auto moving problems. Though we’re based in Annandale, VA, we’ve moved clients all over the country and the world. We’ve been in business long enough to develop relationships with other shipping companies, so we can even move your vehicle overseas if necessary.

With Matthew’s Nationwide Moving, your vehicle, your furniture, your life is in good hands. If you need a household, office, or vehicle moved, contact us for a comprehensive estimate today.