Packing Services

Nothing like moving to remind you just how much stuff you really own. Packing everything yourself is time consuming, and it gets worse when you start looking through keepsakes. Plus, do you know how to pack fragile items so they’ll survive the move? Maybe not, so don’t take the risk. You can get your local movers like Matthew’s Nationwide Moving to do the packing (and even unpacking) for you.

Most people know that a trusted moving company can put your boxes and furniture on a truck and physically take them to your new home, but they can also pack those boxes for you, wrap up delicate furniture, and even unpack. Once you’ve gotten professional packing services, you’ll never do it yourself again. Especially with a long distance move, packing services can be lifesaving.

Benefits of Getting Professional Packing Services When You Move

When you contract with a trusted moving company to get your household packed, you are saving time while protecting all your belongings. Here’s how packing services can save you time and headaches.

Save Time

Moving your household, whether it’s across the country or across town, is a situation that needs to be timed perfectly. Packing everything in your house just eats up that time, and before you know it, it’s time to go. We’ve all been scrambling to get everything in boxes even while already loading a truck. Packing services allow you to focus on the important things while the professionals get everything ready to move. Professional movers can even unpack everything for you as well, saving even more time right when you need it most.

Limit Risk

The average person hasn’t been licensed and trained to pack and ship items so that they arrive safe and whole. Moving experts like the crew at Matthew’s Nationwide Moving have been trained, licensed, and insured to ship things. That means their packing services will save you all the headaches of broken items or dented furniture. They also have specialized equipment to protect things like large mirrors, antique furniture, pianos, and even vehicles.

Best Packing Services

A reputable moving company like Matthew’s Nationwide Moving offers a ton of services to their clients. Some are more well known, like loading and unloading, auto transport, and long distance moving. While packing and unpacking services are less well known, they’re vital for a smooth, easy move.

Some people may be worried about strangers packing up all their belongings, but professionals are also concerned with your family’s privacy. When you get a consultation with a reputable moving company, they will work with you to find the right packing and moving services to meet your needs on your timeline.

Your Local Leader in Professional Packing

If you need packing services or other kinds of moving services in the Virginia area, contact Matthew’s Nationwide Moving right away. Based in Annandale, VA, we’re the area’s leading professional movers, and we’ve got just the right moving services for you, whether you’re going cross country or a couple hours away.