Nationwide moving company

So you’ve found a new place to live, but it’s a long way from your current home. Moving neighborhoods in the same city can be done with a rental truck and some friends, but a cross country move requires professional movers.

Your Nationwide Moving Company

If you’re moving 100 miles within the state, renting a moving truck makes sense, and it’s often done just with the help of loved ones. However, moving 1,000 miles is a completely different situation. When transporting your things over state lines, doing it yourself comes with many headaches, including:

  • Properly packing your large or fragile possessions to survive long distance shipping.
  • Planning the physical trip and coordinating moving family and pets.
  • Transportation of vehicles or other big, heavy items.
  • Driving a large, possibly unfamiliar vehicle for several hundred miles.
  • Risking theft, car accidents, or other incidents along the way.
  • Gas and unforeseen costs that pop up during the trip.
  • Hassle and costs associated with returning a rented vehicle.
  • And, last but not least, having to unpack and organize everything after you’ve completed a long road trip.

Reputable moving companies are trained, insured, and experienced in moving, so they can handle all these risks. They have the right vehicles and equipment to properly pack and safely transport your valuables and your family. A nationwide moving company also make your long distance move as easy and pleasant as possible because it’s their business. Finding the right company to help get your family and your things may seem scary, but here’s some factors to consider.

How to choose a long distance moving company

It’s clear that cross country moves require professional help from a reputable nationwide moving company. Let’s explore the factors for picking the right long distance moving company.

Check the Mover’s Affordability

Of course when moving long distance, cost is going to be a huge factor in which professional movers you pick. It’s important to get cost estimates from potential moving companies, and the most reputable companies will give detailed estimates so that you know exactly what each service costs.

Check the Mover’s Reputation

Obviously, you have to trust the people who are going to be handling and transporting your possessions. A professional nationwide moving company will have plenty of happy former clients who have given good reviews about their long distance move. Look for customers who got the services you’ll need, like vehicle transportation.

Check the Mover’s Reliability

Just like with making any major purchase, it pays to do extensive research on the long distance moving company. Maybe you need piano moving service or packing services, and you need to know if they can help you. Reputable movers will have a strong online presence with clear breakdowns of their services and dedicated customer service personnel.

For a long distance move, Matthew’s Nationwide Moving is the most reputable moving and packing company. We’re family owned and operated, which means we treat our clients like family. We pride ourselves on giving the best service in the business so you can start your new life with ease.