Office Moving Sevices

Whether you have a small office or a large corporate complex, moving your company is a huge project. When your company needs to expand or just move to a different building, you need the help of reputable office movers. Professional movers know what specialized materials best protect your assets, and they have the manpower and expertise to get your company into their new location.

For organizations based in the Annandale, VA area, Matthew’s Nationwide Moving is the premier office moving company, whether your company is moving 200 or 2,000 miles. We can handle your corporate relocation so you can get back to business fast.

Why Hire an Office Moving Company

Your employees can handle a lot of different projects. Moving the entire office to a new location requires some outside help. You’re experts on what your business does, but professional office movers know exactly how to safely pack and transport your valuable office equipment across town, cross country, or even overseas.

Professional office movers will develop a comprehensive corporate relocation plan that ensures that your specialized equipment, office furniture, and supplies arrive safe and intact. A reputable office moving company can even transport delicate machinery or company vehicles with enclosed vehicle transport. Office movers work closely with your corporate relocation team to handle the logistics, allowing you to focus on your company while they do the heavy lifting.

Office Relocation Process

Planning for the Office Move

Before you even leave your old office, your dedicated moving consultant will meet with your team to plan out the packing, shipping, and installation of your office furniture, electronics, or vehicles. Reputable movers like the team at Matthew’s Nationwide Moving can even tailor their corporate moving services exactly to your company’s needs.

Corporate Relocation Management

Corporate moving companies have the knowledge to pack all kinds of delicate office equipment, including specialty containers and packing materials for things like large printers. Our relocation management services give you peace of mind while you move to a new office.

Office Moving Day

During the actual moving process, you can rest assured your office furniture and equipment is being safely transported by professionals. A dedicated office mover will stay in touch with your team every step of the way and help you take care of last minute problems, ensuring your office move is seamless.

Post-Move Services

Once you get into the new office, services like packing and installation are crucial to a smooth transition. A reputable office mover has the manpower to get everything installed in your new space, including furniture, cubicles, and electronics.

Your Trusted Corporate Relocation Specialists

The experienced staff and specialized equipment at Matthew’s Nationwide Moving can get you into your new workspace, whether that’s across town or several states away. Companies needing individual corporate relocation services are also in luck, because we can make any move seamless. If your corporate officers or office needs to move, contact us right away for a consultation.