When you move across state lines, you know you need a nationwide moving company. But do you need professional movers for a local move? Many people think you can move from one neighborhood to another with just your cousin’s neighbor’s truck and a few willing friends. Sure, you could also rent a truck, but that comes with hidden costs and serious risks. Professional movers have a ton of packing and moving services that can turn the hassle of a local move into a breeze.

If you’re looking for a local moving company in Virginia, you’re in good hands. Residents in the Annandale, VA area have the professional movers at Matthew’s Nationwide Moving. We know the area because we’re from here. Add that to our experience, training, and customer service, and you have the premier local moving company in the Annandale area. Let’s look at how our different moving services can help you safely get settled in a new place.

Local Moving Services in the Annandale Virginia Area

Professional Packing Services

You think that packing for a local move involves throwing your things into boxes. Until you unpack and find some valuable heirloom broken. Professionals know how to safely pack your possessions for transport, including heavy items like safes or delicate items like antique furniture. Unpacking services mean the professionals do the heavy lifting and put everything where it’s supposed to be.

Auto Moving Services

One of the biggest hassles in moving locally is how to get all your items, your pets, and your vehicle to the new location. Towing a car behind a rented moving truck is possible, but it’s very difficult if you’re not used to towing. Doing it yourself can damage your vehicle and/or cause accidents. Professional local movers are trained, licensed, and insured to safely and efficiently transport your vehicles.

Corporate Relocation Services

A local residential move is one thing, but relocating an entire office can be hard, even if it’s a short distance between the old and new offices. Local movers are trained in logistics, so they coordinate moving office furniture and equipment. Packing and unpacking services get you back to work quickly. They also have the experience and training to safely move delicate electronics and office equipment like printers.

Storage & Other Services

Many people think moving companies are focused only on transporting things from one place to another, but they have much more to offer their local clients. There are storage options for those who aren’t moving right away, and scheduling services work around your life. Moving experts can also coordinate multiple trucks if some items need to go to different places.

Your Local Residential Moving Experts in NOVA

If you need any of these services and you’re in Virginia, you’ve already got a professional moving company on your side. Based in Annandale, Virginia, Matthew’s Nationwide Moving is the area’s most reputable moving company because we’re dedicated to providing hassle-free moving with integrity. Though “nationwide” is in our name, we love helping our Virginia neighbors with local moves, whether that’s a household or an office.