Is it Worth Paying for Movers in McLean VA?

Is it Worth Paying for Movers in McLean VA?

Moving requires a lot. From time to money and heightened stress levels, it pulls a chunk from your energy and resources. But before you move, you have to make decisions, including whether you should hire movers or do it yourself.

Hiring moving professionals is money well spent for some people. It reduces the stress of packing, lifting heavy items and driving truckloads of valuables. Some people need to hire professional movers due to their own physical limitations even. Others prefer to take a DIY approach to moving, doing the entire move without professional help.

There are a number of factors you must take into consideration in order to determine if it is worth paying for movers for you and your home. Below are some tips that might help you decide if hiring movers is best for you.

Moving Timeline

How much time do you have to move? Are you required to be out of your current house soon or perhaps your new job starts in just a few weeks? Or do you have a couple months to get everything packed up and out of the door? Consider whether you have the time in your schedule to organize, pack, load, transport and unload your items or if you would prefer to have these burdens removed from you and hire professionals.

Consider All Moving Approaches

You can do a complete do-it-yourself move – or you can consider some other options offered by moving companies.

Self-Pack Movers: Perhaps you can handle the packing but don’t want to do all of the transporting. In this case, you can hire self-pack movers.

Professional Packers but Move Yourself: You can hire professional packers to get all of your items organized and packed away safely but you can do all of the loading, transporting and unloading yourself.

Furniture Movers: Furniture movers can help move the bigger items while you just worry about the boxes.

Full-Service Movers: You might want to cut down on stress or are short on time and want to hire a full-service moving company to do everything for you. From packing up your boxes with their own supplies to loading, transporting and unloading, you can delegate your whole move to the professionals.

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Consider Total Moving Costs (including your time)

Finally, remember to consider the costs of moving. What will it cost you for gas, materials and your own time and energy to move? How much does the professional moving company of your choice charge for each type of moving service listed above? Be sure to weigh your options before you decide whether you will hire movers. For help deciding if hiring professional movers is best for you, give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your options!