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For years, Matthew’s Nationwide Moving has worked hard to help families and businesses in the greater Washington, DC and Virginia area get moved into their new homes. With a large fleet of moving trucks and nationwide connections, we can also move your home or office across the country. Our specialty moving services like packing, unpacking, automotive transport, and corporate relocation help make your move as smooth as possible.

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  • We chose our name because our founder is very involved with every client we take, and he can often be found working alongside our moving contractors to get the job done.
  • Our work ethic and integrity show in every single move, and we always carry the full compliment of insurance policies to protect our valued employees and our clients’ belongings.
  • Though we’re a locally owned moving company, we’ve developed connections all over the world and can help our clients move all over the country.

All About Washington, DC

Our federal capitol city is clearly a center for history, transportation, employment, and culture for the greater metropolitan area as well as the nation. According to the 2010 Census, the Washington DC metro area had a population of just over 600,000 with a projected 2019 population of around 705,000, more than the entire state population of Wyoming and Vermont. Officially founded in 1791 on the banks of the Potomac River, the District of Columbia was named after our first president George Washington and formed of land from Virginia and Maryland. Today, many people live in suburbs in these states and commute into the city, increasing the population during the week.

Residents of the greater Washington DC metro area and surrounding bedroom communities have a wealth of attractions to enjoy. In addition to the White House and national Capitol Building, there are many monuments to visit around the National Mall, including the Lincoln Memorial, the the Constitutional Gardens, and the national monuments for World War II, the Korean War, and other major conflicts. There are also many historic buildings throughout the city for visitors who enjoy architecture, as well as the museums ran by the Smithsonian Institute, including a zoo. With the many international embassies and a high population of immigrants, the DC area also has many restaurants with cuisine from around the world.

Residential Moving Services Washington DC to Chicago, IL: Going Above and Beyond

At Matthew’s Nationwide Moving (MNM), we thrive on referrals, and our recent residential moving  project— “Residential Moving Services Washington, DC, to Chicago, IL – Going Above and Beyond Customer Expectations!” —was no exception. This seamless move was sparked by a referral from a happy customer, a testament to our commitment to quality service on every move.

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At MNM, our dedication to a seamless nationwide moving experience remains unwavering. We prioritize attention to detail, ensuring the safety and integrity of your belongings even amid unforeseen challenges. Despite facing a rainy day during the move, MNM’s detailed approach ensured protection at every step of this long-distance move. Our movers knew that damaging the building’s interior or the customer’s furniture was a no-go. To keep things clean, we safeguarded the client’s foyer using sturdy cardboard and shielded the carpeted stairs with a protective carpet shield, preventing any water damage or debris.

1208 Nationwide Moving Residential

The ultimate measure of residential moving success lies in client satisfaction, and this DC client was thrilled. Our client expressed happiness that nothing incurred damage or became wet during their move from Washington, DC, to Chicago, IL. Our top priority is ensuring the safety and integrity of our client’s belongings. With our caring movers and protective gear for fragile items, we assure a hassle-free residential move. We can even pack and unpack your items to save you even more time and stress.

Matthew’s Nationwide Moving: Expert, Personalized Relocation Services

We understand that entrusting strangers with packing your belongings might raise concerns about privacy and safety. However, our reputable moving company prioritizes your family’s privacy and collaborates closely with you to tailor our services to your specific needs and schedule. Our team of moving experts is trained, licensed, and insured, ensuring a seamless relocation without any worries about broken items or dented furniture.

Let Us Handle Your Residential Move Stress-Free

Whether it’s across town or across states, Matthew’s Nationwide Moving guarantees a stress-free residential moving experience.

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Best Nationwide Movers in Washington DC and Beyond

When you have to move across the country, you want a moving company who can handle your belongings, whether corporate or personal, with care. The best nationwide movers in Washington DC, Matthew’s Nationwide Moving, have the right moving services to handle everything from moving a large household with antique furniture to a whole office with equipment. We’ve become the DC area’s trusted moving company by bringing the same attention to detail and care to every single moving job, no matter how big or small, near or far.

We recently helped a family in the Washington DC area get their household packed and moved over a thousand miles away. They needed to relocate because of a parent’s job, and it was hectic coordinating everything. They needed help with a long-distance move, but they needed nationwide movers they could trust with their antique furniture. Matthew’s Nationwide Moving was there for them. 

With services like packing and furniture wrapping, our experienced movers were able to get everything securely packed in our well-maintained trucks. We even provide personalized service with their family heirlooms, making sure they were carried safely and placed in their new home without damage. With decades of combined experience with long-distance moves, our movers were able to get the family’s household moved with no problems. 

Over the years, Matthew’s Nationwide Moving has become the best nationwide movers in the greater Washington DC and Virginia area. With our nationwide connections, dedication to safety, and full complement of moving services, we can get your Washington DC area household or office anywhere within the US without any headaches.

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What Should I Know Before Moving to Washington DC?

A move to the greater Washington DC metro area is a great idea because of the job opportunities and quality of life, but planning your move can make it easier. Here are the four major things you should know before moving to Washington DC. 

1. There’s more to DC than the federal government.

While many people who live in the area do work for some branch of the federal government, DC has a thriving private sector. Educational institutions like Georgetown University or the Smithsonian Institute have created a large education economy, and there area always opportunities for service industry professionals with so many visitors.  

2. DC is an international tourist destination.

Because of the monuments and historic attractions, DC attracts tourists from all over the United States and the world. This presents challenges to residents of DC, but also opportunities for jobs. Just know that, when living in DC, tourists will be a part of your daily life. 

3. A commute is inevitable.

As with any modern metro area, many people who work in Washington DC live in surrounding towns like Alexandria, Reston, or Arlington, VA. Moving to the area means you will probably have some sort of commute, but luckily there is a robust highway and rail systems to let you get where you need to go.

4. You need movers who know the Washington, DC area.

For a hassle-free move to the greater DC area, you need experienced, professional movers. Matthew’s Nationwide Moving is that company for Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area. For years, we’ve been helping Americans move within the area and long distance. If you’re thinking about moving to Washington, DC, contact one of our moving consultants today.