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Matthew’s Nationwide Moving was founded by a starving college student in Annandale and has grown to be the premier local and national moving company in the greater Arlington, VA area. We believe in providing the most secure, easiest move for our clients, whether it’s across the country or across town. We pride ourselves on providing the best service for the lowest cost to make your move painless.

Top Moving Services in the Arlington, VA Area

  • Local Movers

  • Nationwide Moving

  • Packing Services

  • Corporate Relocation

  • Auto Transport

  • Office Moving


  • Because we care about our employees, we carry all kinds of insurance, but we also keep our fleet of vehicles fully insured so that our clients also have peace of mind.
  • Though we started as a local Virginia moving company, we now have full service national moving with a fully enclosed truck to protect your valuables.
  • Our packing and unpacking services ensure that you can focus on your family and your work while the moving experts get you settled in your new home.

About the Arlington, VA Area

Most people don’t know this, but the area known as Arlington, Virginia is both the principal city and the county. Both the city and county officially have the same area (26 square miles) and the population (207,627, as of 2010), and the area is rich with history and culture. Located just across the Potomac from Washington DC, the greater Arlington area is home to the Pentagon, the Arlington National Cemetery, General Lee’s estate Arlington House, and many more national historic attractions.

Clearly, Arlington, Virginia is the place to visit if you love United States history and especially military history because of all the monuments and historic sites in the area. The Tomb of the Unknowns is also on the Arlington Cemetery grounds, as well as monuments for the Pentagon, US Marine Corps, Air Force, and Women in the Military. The Potomac offers riverfront fun, and a visit to the nature preserve on Theodore Roosevelt Island can provide a breath of fresh air on a whirlwind Virginia vacation. Sports fans will also have fun visiting the Keller Capitals Iceplex to watch a practice or do some ice skating.

How to Find The Best Movers in Arlington, VA

Moving to or from Arlington, VA doesn’t have to be hard. Making the right decisions will make your move flow more easily. You just need to be informed on how to go about hiring local movers for the best overall moving experience.

Hiring local movers should be a good experience for you and your home. Look for local movers who are licenced, affordable and reputable to help you throughout the entire process of your local move.

This guide was created to keep you informed on why and how to hire local movers.

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Better than Moving Yourself

Hiring local movers keeps you from doing all of the hard work yourself while protecting your valuables. Local movers do all of the lifting and carrying of heavy items too, ensuring you have as much energy as possible to do all of the rest of the busy work of moving.

How to Find Local Movers

When you are ready to look for reputable local movers you can trust with your valuable items, follow these steps:

  • Ask around for recommendations for good local movers.
  • Look at local movers reviews and testimonials from customers to find out about the experiences other customers have had with any movers you are considering.
  • Ask for moving cost estimates from the top local moving companies you find.
  • Request that the movers give an in-home visual inspection to ensure your estimate is as accurate as possible, so you know how to budget.
  • Find out if there are any additional services they offer to determine whether you will need them (including packing). This might also help to shed light on any hidden charges.
  • Compare your estimates (and experiences so far with the companies) in order to choose the best one for your moving needs. Remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best option for you.

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